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NSDAR Flag Raising Ceremony

6 Dec 2023 1:30 PM | William Ritchie (Administrator)

DCSAR was invited to attend the NSDAR Flag Raising Ceremony at the DAR Memorial Continental Hall on December 6, 2023, to celebrate the 120th Anniversary of the event and to be the recipient of the flag raised on that date.

As documented by Marria Blinn, National Chair, The Flag of the United States America Committee of NSDAR, the first raising ceremony occurred on February 23, 1903. She writes “that a few years after DAR was organized, plans were made to build Memorial Continental Hall. The Sons of the American Revolution of the District of Columbia shared our passion for the American Revolution, patriotism and service and wanted to acknowledge and encourage our endeavor”. “In December 1902, they (DCSAR) sent a letter to then DAR President General Cornelia Cole Fairbanks, expressing their desire to present DAR with a New Year’s gift of an American flag and flagpole to be used at Memorial Continental Hall. Mrs. Fairbanks graciously accepted the gifts”.

Mrs. Blinn further reports that during the ceremony on February 23, 1903, President Dr. (John Woart) Bayne of the SAR D.C. Society made the presentation of a large American flag and historic flagpole that had been used at both inaugurations for President McKinley.

DCSAR President Bill Ritchie accepted the flag and certificate from NSDAR President General Pamela Wright in celebration of 120 years of Flag Raising and Friendship.

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