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DCSAR 2024 Public Safety Awards

25 Mar 2024 9:30 AM | William Ritchie (Administrator)

On March 25, 2024, with his colleagues present at the DC Fire & Emergency Medical Services, Fire Prevention Division, Inspector Niggora Moye received the SAR Fire Safety Commendation and Medal. The inspector is a distinguished figure within the District of Columbia's fire safety community, whose dedication and expertise have not only elevated the standards of fire safety but have also rightfully earned him the fire safety award.

With an impressive tenure of 21 years at the DC Fire & EMS Department, Inspector Moye has served with distinction at Engines 7, 29, and 33 before bringing his wealth of experience to the Fire Prevention Division. Inspector Moye's role is pivotal in shaping the future of fire safety, as he is entrusted with the critical task of training new inspectors during their onboarding process. His professionalism and deep understanding of fire codes set a high benchmark for others in the field.

Inspector Moye’s commitment to the safety of DC's residents and visitors is unwavering. He embodies the three E's of fire prevention: Engineering, Enforcement, and Education. Through his expertise in fire engineering, he ensures that buildings and spaces meet the highest safety standards. His tactful enforcement of fire codes demonstrates his dedication to compliance and safety. Moreover, his efforts to educate citizens and property managers about fire safety practices have significantly contributed to a well-informed community.

Inspector Moye's participation in nighttime inspections of assembly spaces is a testament to his commitment to ensuring that DC's nightlife remains safe for everyone. His comprehensive approach to fire safety makes him an exemplary figure in the field and a true asset to the District of Columbia.

On March 25, 2024, while at the firehouse of Engine Company 16 Firefighter/Paramedic Allison Eggleston was presented the 2024 SAR Emergency Medical Services Commendation and Medal. She currently works in the Anacostia section of the city after her previous assignment in the Capitol Hill area. Allison is proving to be an emerging leader with DC Fire and EMS.

Firefighter/Paramedic ("FF/P") Eggleston currently serves as a Field Training Officer with the Department and is tasked with educating the agency’s newest paramedics. In addition to providing detail-oriented training at the patient’s side, FF/P Eggleston also serves as an adjunct instructor at the Training Academy sharing her knowledge and experience in the classroom.

FF/P Eggleston is known throughout the Department for her commitment to pediatric care and teaches frequently on the subject. FF/P Eggleston is an example of the core values of DC Fire and EMS. She provides compassionate care to the residents and visitors of the District every day. She is committed to the future of the Department through her education and is an example to other Firefighter/Paramedics in the agency.

On March 25, 2024, Detective Alfred Thomas Austin-Braxton was presented with the 2024 SAR Law Enforcement Commendation and Medal while in the presence of the command staff at the Joint Operations Command Center including Chief of Police Pamela Smith. The detective has been faithfully serving the citizens of the District of Columbia and the members of the Metropolitan Police Department since June 1989. Currently, Detective Braxton is assigned to the Homicide Branch, where he has been excelling for over 15 years. Detective Braxton’s exceptional investigative skills, leadership, and dedication made him an outstanding candidate for recognition in the law enforcement community. Detective Braxton’s fire, fueled by his passion, conviction, and empathy, continues to burn bright and show itself throughout his casework. Detective Braxton tirelessly works his cases with the same energy and eagerness as a newly sworn officer; coupled with the immense knowledge he has gained throughout the years, which is why he has one of the highest closure rates in the Homicide Branch.

Detective Braxton’s reach and influence extend far beyond the cases he investigates. With over 15 years in the Homicide Branch, he has trained many of the Detectives who are currently assigned to the Homicide Branch and District Detective Units. In that, his influence has helped and currently helps guide those detectives as they investigate their own cases. Detective Braxton’s leadership within the Criminal Investigations Division as one of its most senior members has been invaluable. He has mentored and trained countless detectives, sharing his wealth of knowledge and experience to elevate the capabilities of the entire team.  Detective Braxton is well respected by The United States Attorney’s Office, The Office of the Attorney General and MPD’s Federal Partners.

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