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The DCSSAR George Washington Service Medal

  • The DCSSAR George Washington Service Medal is awarded to any member in good standing in the DCSSAR who, while serving the with the DCSSAR, has distinguished himself, with long and faithful service, through exceptional and exemplary service, to the DCSSAR while in positions of responsibility and accountability therewith.  The performance and achievement must be such as to merit recognition for duty and service that is clearly exceptional, exemplary, and distinguished.

    Regular participation and normal or routine performance are not sufficient to justify award of this decoration.  The definition of the terms, “with long and faithful service” and “through exceptional and exemplary service” are as set forth herein below, and are intended to describe the highest levels of performance and service achievement on behalf of the DCSSAR and in its representation and support of the NSSAR.

    The following criteria further describe and define the minimum requirements for award of this decoration:
        • The member must have served in active status in the DCSSAR for ten (10) continuous years (dues paid status for 10 or more continuous, sequential years; no lapses); during this period the member must have demonstrated frequent attendance and sustained participation in the events and affairs of the DCSSAR.
        • The member must have served as an Officer or Board of Management (BOM) member for five (5) of the ten years of (i) above; frequent attendance and sustained participation must have been exceptional and exemplary.
        •  The member must have served as President of the DCSSAR for one full term, during the period of (i) above.  The member also must have participated in, and supported, the affairs and activities of the NSSAR’s Council of State Presidents.
        • The member must have served as an Officer of the National Society of the SAR, or as a Trustee, or Alternate Trustee, and have attended at least two (2) consecutive Trustees’ meetings, or the member must have served two years as a Chairman of a National Committee, and have been so designated by the President General, NSSAR.
        • The member must have attended, as a DCSSAR delegate, at least three (3) National Congresses of the NSSAR, during the ten-year period of (i) above.
        •  The member must have been awarded both the DCSSAR’s Patriot Medal and the Meritorious Service medal, prior to receiving this decoration; or similarly, must have received either the DCSSAR’s President’s Distinguished Service Medal or (similarly) must have received the NSSAR’s Minute Man Medal.
        • The member must have been a top-line recruiter for five (5) or more new members and / or reinstatement members.
        • The member must have demonstrated exemplary and exceptional performance by serving the DCSSAR for at least three (3) years in various programmatic or committee service capacities; such as chairman of DCSSAR committees; as a DCSSAR trustee; DCSSAR Benjamin Franklin Fund trustee; as a program chairman for DCSSAR functions, events, activities, e.g. awards, nominating, law enforcement, fire and safety, orations, essay, Eagle Scout, J/ROTC, etc.; or other special projects, programs, or assignments as the DCSSAR President may specify.

This medal decoration may not be awarded to any person other than members of the DCSSAR.

The award may be made retroactively (to living members only), at any time, during the first year (first full calendar year ending) after the authorization date of this award.  After this ending date, no further retroactive awards will be made.

The award may not be made posthumously at a date in time beyond one year (first full calendar year ending) after the decease of the recipient.

The medal decoration requires the submission of a written application that delineates the details of the performance achievement, meeting or exceeding the requirements criteria as set forth herein above, for the consideration of this award.  This written application may be submitted by the aspiring eligible member himself, or by another member, in good standing, of the DCSSAR for and in behalf of, any other fellow member of the DCSSAR.  Written applications are to be submitted to the Chairman of the DCSSAR Awards Committee, for review and approval by that committee for endorsement to the DCSSAR President.  Award of the DCSSAR’s George Washington Service Medal requires the joint approval of the DCSSAR Awards Committee and the DCSSAR President.  Award of the medal will normally take place at the DCSSAR’s Annual Meeting, but is not limited thereto and may be awarded at any time deemed appropriate by the Awards Committee and the DCSSAR President.

The DCSSAR’s George Washington Service Medal consists of certain features of the upper part of the SAR badge: the cross of St. Louis, the eagle atop, the circle silhouette of George Washington, the motto, “LIBERTAS ET PATRIA”; with lower part of the medal consisting of the crest/shield of George Washington, being two red horizontal stripes on a white background, three five-pointed stars above the upper stripe; then held by a ribbon of red, white, and blue.

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